Here’s some sites I love using~ - I love looking up tv tropes idk why

personality-database - It's fun looking up mbti types of characters, this site is so good and has personality analyses - I use this to look up genres of spotify songs, it’s also what I use to discover new music too~ - My goto site for finding settei sheets from anime, it’s so nice to look at^^ - Mainly using this for searching fighting characters I like, to find 90’s pixel art (sprites, fighting stage backgrounds) and official character artworks ~

vgmrips - Great for finding soundchips from old retro games and can browse by game or composer


Layout Maker - Wide Header Outside Container - What I’ve been using to code my site tbh ~

speechify - What I use for proofreading or as an audiobook~


notion - Productivity management site I use!

renpy - The best visual novel game engine, open source and free~

sharex - The best screencapture tool, open source and free~

handbrake - Use this to compress your video sizes and retain most of it's quality!

corrscope - Turn your WAV files into an oscilloscope view^^

miditrail - Nice 3D piano visualization for MIDI files

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